General information on health care (ie. how to obtain a medicare card, finding a doctor or dentist) for newcomers to New Brunswick can be found in the provincial government’s website here.

Horizon Health Network provides health care in both official languages to residents across New Brunswick. For information on addiction and mental health services available in Fredericton through the Horizon Health Network, click here.

For more mental health and counselling services in the city, click here.

Fredericton has a Primary Health Care Network with professional staff who work out of various locations supporting primary health care initiatives in the Greater Fredericton Area.

Like many large centres, Fredericton also has many walk-in clinics.

The Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital is the main hospital in Fredericton and is situated in close proximity to the University of New Brunswick. This regional hospital is recognized as a centre of expertise for reconstructive and restorative medicine and a leading plastic surgery centre.